Month: May 2018

25 May 2018

Introducing Smoke Free Heat treatment processes!

Made possible with Absolent’s Smoke Filters! Smoke is an inevitable outcome in Heat treatment processes, leading to poor air quality, and an unhealthy work environment. Absolent’s Smoke Filtration solutions are proven across the globe for superior filtration results in a variety of heat treatment equipment. Processes Annealing/tempering Hardening/quenching processes Filtration Filters very small particles, even sub-micron […]

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15 May 2018

5 reasons why companies invest in Dust Collectors

To cut the dust that was cutting into the machines Deposition of highly abrasive fine dust on critical parts of the machine, at a leading foundry, such as LM Guideway, led to its damage or faulty functioning. The company decided to invest in a centralized dust collector from SFS which could filter the dry machining dust […]

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