Month: July 2018

26 Jul 2018
Mist Filtration India

The ultimate in centralised Mist Filtration

A.mist 80 ensures spotless shopfloor in spite of heavy machining! The discomforting odor of coolant oil in the air, the sticky floors and oily dust marks on your precious machining equipment are a thing of the past. With A.mist 80, the Centralised mist filtration systems from Absolent, you are assured of total filtration, leaving less […]

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20 Jul 2018
media filters for mist

Launching a new range of effective and economical range of mist filters!

VAYU – Media Filters from SFS! The VAYU series of industrial air filters are built for applications that need effective filtration of emulsion mist with economical investments. An ideal solution to filter mist in an industrial environment, Media Filters from Span Filtration Systems (SFS) are the first choice for ensuring clean air. Four-stage Filtration The […]

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