The ultimate in centralised Mist Filtration

A.mist 80 ensures spotless shopfloor in spite of heavy machining!

The discomforting odor of coolant oil in the air, the sticky floors and oily dust marks on your precious machining equipment are a thing of the past. With A.mist 80, the Centralised mist filtration systems from Absolent, you are assured of total filtration, leaving less than a teaspoon of oil remaining in the air during the entire year.

Key Features

  • One year of maintenance free operations
  • Serves multiple machining centers
  • Meets highest standards in air filtration

Suitable for filtering oil mist from single or multiple stations in manufacturing processes (for ex. multiple Grinding stations with moderate coolant pressure)

> Centralised, single-stage mist filtration by Absolent A.mist 80 C installed at one of India’s leading auto-parts manufacturer.

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