Serving hundreds of applications in 18 diverse industries

SFS is a market leader in the industrial air filtration in India. Over the last year, SFS’s filtration solutions have been leading the way for many industries in creating cleaner, healthier workplaces. Today, SFS has a wide range of specialized solutions serving hundreds of applications across diverse industries. In the last 15 years, the type of industries served by SFS has only been growing. Our in-depth application engineering and process-centric approach to solutions means guaranteed, superior filtration performance for every niche application we serve. Here is a quick glimpse of some of the general purpose as well as highly niche applications that we have served in various industries:

APPLICATIONS Adhesive (Glue) Fumes Brazing Bulk Packaging Chemical Fume Removal Cleaning With Solvents CNC Machining EDM Machining Food Testing General Laboratory Fumes & Dust Glue Spraying Ink Fumes Laser Fumes Laser Marking Laser Printing Lathes Light Welding Machine Tools Metal Turning Centers

Milling Oil Mist & Coolant Smoke Removal Paint & Ink Spraying Parts Washing Pharmaceutical Compounding Plastic Heat Bending Polishing Applications Powder Weighing Robotic Welding Sanding Operations Small Grinding Operations Soldering Solvent, Chemical Solvent Spraying Misc. Mixing Spotting Board-Dry Cleaners

Staining Toxic Chemical Fumes Toxic Fumes Toxic Gases Toxic Particulate Toxic Powders Toxic Vapors Wet Grinding