28 Jun 2018
Crankshaft machining

How to recover coolant oil?

Savings on coolant oil – SFS shows the way with Absolent!

Did you know that India’s largest Forging Company recovers up to 300 Litres of Coolant Oil from the Oil Mist, every year?

Yes! With the world leading A.Smoke 20 Filter installed on its high-speed, high-pressure, neat-oil based grinding process (for Truck Axles), the client is able to recover up to 300 Litres of neat oil from mist. A significant drop in the oil smoke on the shopfloor, clean process, are additional benefits.

The oil is filtered from the mist using the A.mist 20 filter. The recovered oil is auto-transferred to the oil reservoir of the machine to further ease the process and reduce manual intervention. The result, a seamless system that helps the client to save costs, while ensuring clean, smoke-free working environment.

Coolant oil recovery


  • CNC machining (at high speed and with a high coolant pressure)
  • Die casting or hardening
  • High-speed Grinding

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