Centralised Dust Collector
Filtering machining dust at one of India’s largest auto-part manufacuters in Maharashtra

Centralised Dust Collector
Installed at one of India’s largest auto-parts manufacturer

Smoke filtartion system for a niche gear manufacturer in Maharashtra

Installed at India’s largest 2-wheeler manufacturer in Haryana

Smoke filtration system for installed at India’s leading gear cutting tools manufacturer based in Punjab

Absolent A.smoke
Absolent A.smoke installed at the largest plant (based in Maharashtra) of one of world’s biggest forging company

ESP (SF 25 V)
Smoke filtration system on the manufacturing line of one of India’s largest tractor manufacutrers

Centralised system to filter smoke from five units at the plant of a leading MNC, based in Karnataka

Oil mist filtration on advanced machine by DMG Mori

Centralised Dust Collector
Filtering machining dust for one of the largest automotive parts manufacturers in India

ESP (SF 10H)
Filtering smoke from laser fume marking at hair oil manufacturing company based in Uttarakhand