14 Jul 2017

3 reasons why Oil Mist in your factory needs to be filtered

Oil mist is an unavoidable outcome in the metal working industry which uses fluids to cool and lubricate the tools for longer life.

Healthy workers = Healthy Productivity
Oil mist generated in the metal working processes is toxic.
The workers, breathing this oil mist, are prone to a range of health hazards including breathing difficulties, asthma, skin disorders and other chronic problems. Absolent, Filtermist and ESPs from Span Filtration Systems help to filter over 90% of oil mist generated by the machining centers.

Reduction in oil mist leads to better working environment. This often creates a range of benefits including reduced absenteeism in workers, lesser attrition and longer productive working hours, thereby improving the productivity


Cut oil mist = Cut cleaning bills
The oil mist settles on the machines and factory floor creating an unsafe/unhygienic work environment and covering the work place with a ‘greasy film’ and foul odor. It is observed that oil mist can add up to 60% more to your cleaning and maintenance bills. In extreme cases, oil mist also leads to critical failures, often in sensitive electrical or electronic components. Use effective oil mist filters to cut down on your cleaning and maintenance bills.




Oil filtered = Oil recovered
Yes. Not many are aware that the coolant oil can be separated from the mist to be reused in the metalworking process. Oil mist filters from Span Filtration Systems can help you to recover more than 80% of oil that is lost in the form of mist. In some cases, the advanced Absolent range of filters routinely recover a barrel of oil from machining processes, every month.


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