Span offers complete Dust collection solutions that will immediately improve the indoor air quality by filtering dust generated on multiple workstations, machines or tools. Span also offers large, centralized dust collection systems that collectively cleans dust for the entire plant.

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With world-leading technology and proven performance across industries, SFS helps you to set a totally new benchmark in Mist capture. The technology for the removal of oil mist from Filtermist and Absolent is built on three decades of global expertise and recoganized as the most advanced system, world over.

Filtermist | Absolent A.mist


SFS offers advanced filtration technology for welding fume extraction and those from laser marking. A range of standard products are available to suit your needs. The products come with multiple features in portability, accessories such as flexible suction arms and hoods and automation in highly specialised applications.

Welding Fume Extractor | Laser Marking Fume Extraction 

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Effective filtration of wet and dry smoke generated from manufacturing processes is critical not just to worker’s health and safety, but even for smooth and efficient operation of the equipment. SFS has years of expertise and wide range of products for smoke filtration.

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) | Absolent A.smoke


SFS offers a range of allied solutions in a variety of areas including Oil skimmers for separation of lubricant oil from coolant oil, coolant mixer and downdraft tables for parts washing. These simple solutions have proven to be very effective in their respective functions and thus earned huge popularity among users.

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SFS fume exhaust system extract the hazardous oil or emulsion fumes generated from the rolling process through a specially designed hood, placed between the rolling stand and rolling mill coiler. The extracted fumes are passed through a specially designed filter using a duct system.

Fume Exhaust Systems


SFS offers a range of high quality accessories for filtration systems that help to enhance the filtration effectiveness and efficiency. The accessories are designed to suit a variety applications and include components such as flexible ducts, hoods, stands and many more.