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Plastic buffing dust filter brings savings in maintenance

A Pune-based leading supplier of key plastic moulded components for vehicle such as dashboards, and other interior and exterior parts was battling buffing dust issue on a large scale. The buffing shop required constant cleaning and was adding to the maintenance costs and hassles. CHALLENGE The plant is one of the largest facility to manufacture […]

Solution for Buffing Dust in silencer assemblies opens new opportunities for the Client

A Tier 1 supplier to reputed two-wheeler brands in India faced an atypical issue due to buffing dust. The presence of buffing dust in its workshop was a bit of an eyesore, and something that was noticed by every visitor to the shop floor. The company wanted to grow its prospects further for other multinational […]

A single solution to filter Brass, Copper, MS and SS Buffing Dusts

A reputed manufacturer of locks in India manufactured locks of international standard. It was imperative for the company that its commitment to making world class product also reflect in it its new production facility. CHALLENGE Brass, copper, stainless steel, mild steel and alloy buffing dust generated in the finishing line for locks was a major […]

Smoke free environment to ensure maximum machine utilization

CLIENT The Client’s Chennai manufacturing facilities faced teething challenges in filtering the smoke from the cold heading process. Cold heading involves reshaping metal wire into the desired shape to make a functioning fastener. The process generates high level of heat and use of neat oil as a cooling media produces a tremendous amount of smoke. […]

World’s largest bearing manufacturer’s shopfloor breathes clean air

CLIENT The client is one of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world with a presence across multiple markets. Client has multiple plants in India and SFS’s association with the company extends across the plants and processes. As a part of its expansion, the client shifted a key machining line from the USA to India. […]

Ensuring dust free machining line

SFS’s Mist Filters were installed on one of client’s wet machining clusters. Recognizing the excellent performance of these mist filters, client’s team turned to SFS to solve their challenges in filtering the fine dust generated by dry machining of parts. CLIENT Consistently delivering high-quality castings for over 75 years, the client is today a market […]

SFS ESPs cut the smoke and oil mist from gear cutting process

India’s largest manufacturer of cars recently selected Electrostatic Precipitators from SFS for filtering air from one of its most polluting manufacturing processes – gear cutting. The air quality at gear cutting shop in the Manesar plant was observed to be deteriorating on a consistent basis, in spite of the pre-installed mist collectors that came with […]

Truly end-to-end air filtration partner for a leading car manufacturer

The client is an Indian multinational automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai. It is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in India and the largest manufacturer of tractors across the world. It’s parent group has presence in multiple sectors such as aerospace, steel and many other cutting edge manufacturing industries. CHALLENGE Client’s association with SFS […]

Turbines get total freedom from oil mist

Client’s turbine generation unit manufactures niche and highly compact generators. The turbine bearings are heated due to very high rotation speeds and must be kept cooler. The lubrication plant to keep the turbine’s bearings cooler uses oil. The oil runs in closed loop circle with the heated bearings to absorb the heat and cool the […]

Driving the clean air partnership with world’s largest Axle manufacturer

The client is a global Tier-I automotive supplier of driveline and drivetrain systems and related components for vehicles. Client’s manufacturing plants are spread across the world including the ones in Pune, Chennai and Pantanagar in India. With world-class facilities, the company has highly stringent norms for clean air quality. SFS has been working with the […]