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Cutting out the smoke from Gear Cutting process

The Client is a world leader in manufacturing custom gears and shafts for automotive and industrial markets. The Client’s Noida facilities manufactured gears on a very large scale. Challenge Severe risk to Operator health Smoky factory environment Request from the worker union on ensuring clean air on shop floor Poor visibility posed risk to general […]

Economical filtration for hazardous soldering fume

The Client is a well known brand in development and manufacturing of electric and electronic components for various automotive companies. The Client’s plant included multiple soldering stations arranged as clusters. Soldering, a key manufacturing process at the plant, generated fume that adversely affected the health as well as efficiency of the workmen. Challenge The plant […]

Fume Extractors for Injection moulding

Fumes have immediate effects on health like irritation to the eyes, nose and lungs. In some cases, these effects can be severe, long-term and irreversible. Client had installed Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) to clear fumes but performance of this filter was disappointing and within 2-3 months they had to search for new filtration system. Challenge Poor […]

Effective Filtration for highly critical robotic welding line

The Client is a German supplier of chassis to global Automobile manufacturers. The Client’s workshop in has number of welding stations for various processes. The plant used Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) from another supplier to extract and filter the harmful welding fumes and smoke. Challenge However, the operators and maintenance team at the Client’s shop-floor were […]

Enabling fume-free, odourless Laser Marking

The Machine Tools division at India’s leading automotive company develops and manufactures Laser Marking machines. The Laser Marking machines are provided to key vendors to markup the codes on parts they supply. Challenge Laser marking fumes, with its odor make it extremely difficult for the operators to work on the laser making machines. The company […]

Unlocking clean air for India’s leading lock maker!

The Client, one of India’s fastest growing Lock Manufacturers, had no particular air filtration provision for various machines on the shop floor. As Client’s brand gained popularity, the flow of visitors and prospective customers at the plant witnessed a spurt. The deteriorated quality of air on the shop floor was spotted as a concern by […]

Effective Fume Capture for Robotic and Manual Welding

The Client is a global Tier-I automotive supplier of driveline and drivetrain systems and related components for vehicles. The Global EHS norms of the company mandated a fully automated fume filtration solution for its robotic welding processes in axle manufacturing. Challenge Effective capture of the welding fumes, given the low cycle time and fast paced […]

Cost-efficient filters for effective filtration of welding fumes

The Client is pioneer in automotive shock absorber and a leading manufacturer of shocks and struts in India. The company is headquartered in US and has it’s manufacturing facilities across various cities in India. The Client is associated with SFS since 1998. Challenge Filtering out the fumes generated in the welding process in manufacturing of […]

Media Filters from SFS ensure mist free Grinding

When one of India’s largest manufacturers and exporter of high precision grinding machines was looking for a capable partner to standardise the mist filters for its CNC Internal Grinding, CNC Cylindrical Grinding and CNC Surface Grinding Machines, it chose SFS’s proven and robust range of media filters – Vayu! Challenge Economical mist filter, given competitive […]

Automatic Dust Collection for Dry Blasting Process

The Client is a Sweden based MNC and a leading manufacturer and supplier of carbide cutting tools and associated equipment. Client had recently established it’s manufacturing facility near Pune, Maharashtra and had a requirement of a Dust Collector for dry blasting process for their carbide inserts. Challenge The Client was concerned about the menace created […]