03 Aug 2018

Truly end-to-end air filtration partner for a leading car manufacturer

The client is an Indian multinational automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai. It is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in India and the largest manufacturer of tractors across the world. It’s parent group has presence in multiple sectors such as aerospace, steel and many other cutting edge manufacturing industries.

Client’s association with SFS goes back a long way from the time when the company started with just a single solution for industrial air filtration. The Filtermist technology was designed to serve specific applications. Client’s team wanted to deploy filtration solutions for many new applications to provide a healthier, cleaner work environment in general and ensure the highest safety for the workers, in particular.

Back then, SFS had recently launched the new range of ESPs at the IMTEX exhibition in 2001. Client’s team visiting the IMTEX was looking for a filtration solution for their gear cutting process. SFS’s team studied all the process parameters and installed the ESPs for Client’s gear cutting machines in their Kandivali unit.

Noticing the high filtration efficiency and effectiveness of SFS’s ESPs, Client’s team recommended these for other machines as well. Further, SFS ESP’s were installed at various other divisions and units.

Leveraging Solutions + Services
The journey of proving the solutions was not all smooth and easy. A few months into the installations, Client’s team complained about lowered filtration performance of the ESPs. Upon detail study of the process, SFS’s team realised that the cycle-time of the gear cutting process was reduced significantly owing to the new programs implemented by the client.

As a result, smoke generation in the given time was increased by multifold, which had started putting greater pressure on ESPs, decreasing their efficiency. To tackle this issue, SFS team advised the client to increase maintenance frequency from once in 2 months to once in every 15 days. the client offered SFS an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the same. Since then, SFS’s team has been providing client’s units with all the maintenance support they need in ensuring the best performance from their ESPs.

SFS has always been striving to achieve perfection in terms of cleanliness and safety throughout their journey. This approach was noticed and appreciated by the client’s team. SFS’s research team kept working on developing solutions to achieve better filtration for all kinds of pollutants.

As client was expanding across India, SFS was chosen to provide the next generation Filtermist mist filters for specific applications in the beginning and other processes, eventually, as per their requirement. Today, SFS’s filtration systems are used at every facility of the client in India.


  • Superb filtration performance ESPs ensured a significant, measurable improvement in air quality of the shop floor
  • Superior air quality anda healthy working environment for the operators and plant managers
  • Complete maintenance assistance provided for the filtration system installed
  • Total filtration and cleaning solutions at one place


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