03 Aug 2018
Turbine Mist Collector

Turbines get total freedom from oil mist

Client’s turbine generation unit manufactures niche and highly compact generators. The turbine bearings are heated due to very high rotation speeds and must be kept cooler. The lubrication plant to keep the turbine’s bearings cooler uses oil. The oil runs in closed loop circle with the heated bearings to absorb the heat and cool the bearings. Oil vapours are an unavoidable outcome of the process posing a risk to the turbine zone and the work environment, if not extracted.

Conventionally, the client used an oil vapour extractor system which essentially included a wire mesh filter fitted in a cylinder and a blower to extract the air. The blower extracted air at a very high static pressure resulting in poor filtering of oil vapours and most of the oil mist just blown to the outside environment.

SFS received an RFI from the client with specifications similar to the concept of oil vapour extractor in use. SFS’s team of specialists assessed the requirements and suggested Siemens to switch to Filtermist’s mist filtration technology. The team scientifically highlighted the gaps in client’s existing system and its effect on filtration performance.

SFS’s team highlighted the dynamics of contaminant size, flow, concentration of oil etc. and its importance in filtration technology, to client. SFS’s team made detail presentations to client’s engineers to help them understand the need to arrest oil wastage by releasing it into the environment. Further, SFS guaranteed client of far better performance than their existing system, which would allow them to release the filtered air back into the work environment.

SFS supported client’s team with all data points to prove filtration of oil mist at much lower pressures using the Filtermist technology. Airflow graphs, international certification for motors, detail engineering drawings and concept note were submitted to Siemens team for review.

Today, SFS is a registered vendor of Siemens for providing oil mist filtration solutions across the globe. SFS was evaluated on very high standards set by client’s global team including capability, processes, certifications and compliance to international standards and norms. For the last three years, hundreds of Filtermist FX series mist filters have been installed as a standard accessory on client’s turbines supplied in South East Asia, Africa and Europe.

Client’s confidence in the Filtermist oil mist filters needs a special mention. When another client from the USA required NEMA (USA standards) certification for air filtration, SFS had to regret the enquiry as Filtermist did not have a NEMA certification. But the client’s team took the initiative and assured the US-based customer of filtration performance as per the stated norms for four years.


  • Effective filtration with clean air released back in to work environment
  • Enabled significant savings with oil recovery
  • Easy, hassle-free installation and maintenance of the filtration system


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