Wet Dust Collector Systems

Span Filtration Systems (SFS) is one of the leading wet dust collector manufacturers in India. Wet dust collector from SFS is a proven solution to eliminate all the problems you face due to use of conventional dust collector systems in manufacturing processes with fire hazards. In many processes such s shot blasting, the risk of fire is constantly present. Fire in such processes damages the filters, other equipment and property of the business. In more serious cases, it could also endanger lives of employees. On the financial front, it means loss of valuable production hours and even days due to unplanned downtime.

Industrial wet dust collector system from SFS is designed to not just contain fire, but proactively prevent it from occurring. The wet dust collector uses liquid filter media, mainly water, to trap hazardous particles. The liquid prevents these particles from coming into contact with oxygen, thereby avoiding the risk of fire. SFS wet dust collection system has displayed a consistent performance of the field. No fire incidents have been reported for the past two years since SFS wet dust collector was first installed at the premises of many of our reputed clients



Emission Control with optional 2 stage filtration.


SFS Wet dust separation is trolley enables easy disposal.


Fully automated water management water replacement once in 4-6 months (Depending on application)


Highest filtration efficiency with fully customized designs and controls for operation of the wet scrubber.


Special emphasis on design means a better fireproof filter media in the process.


Lower maintenance, parts wear with robust design delivers an optimised performance for your wet scrubber.

Wet dust collector design and working

Industrial wet dust collector draws the contaminants in air and passes them through water, collecting them in the form of a wet sludge. Polluted air is sucked into the wet dust collection system and is pushed downwards, striking a surface of water with force as it descends. Then, water and air are drawn into a cone where the mixture comes into contact with a disk baffle plate. Here, it is sprayed onto the wall of the cone. Due to this action, A thick horizontal water curtain is formed across the air passage between the baffle plate and the cone of the wet dust collection system. As water hits the walls of the cone, its turbulent cascading on the cones sloping surface scrubs the ascending air stream.

From here, water now flows into the tank of the wet dust collector. This produces another water-curtain for the air to pass through. When the air is passing out of the wet dust collection system, moisture separators hold all water and moisture inside, only letting clean air out of the industrial wet dust collector.


SFBR Wet Dust Collector

Wet Dust Collector Risk-Free & Economical Solution

Wet dust collector from SFS is a proven solution to eliminate all the problems faced due to the use of a conventional dust collector system in process with a high risk of fire.

  • Fire damages to filters
  • Damage to equipment and property
  • Loss of production hours/ days
  • Loss of credibility and reputation
  • Increase safety risks


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