5 reasons why companies invest in Dust Collectors

To cut the dust that was cutting into the machines

Deposition of highly abrasive fine dust on critical parts of the machine, at a leading foundry, such as LM Guideway, led to its damage or faulty functioning. The company decided to invest in a centralized dust collector from SFS which could filter the dry machining dust with the particle size of 0.01 mm.




To resolve worker complaints about dust

The Worker Union at the newly built machining shop of a leading Tier II Auto-parts company complained about the heavy dust generated by a large number of closely placed, conventional dry machining centers. The management took quick action and invested in a centralised Dust Collector, to control the problem before it got out of hand.



To stop frequent shutdowns required to clean the machining dust

One of India’s largest foundry was facing frequent stops in manufacturing as huge layers of machining dust accumulated on the floor and on the machines in just a couple of hours after start of the shift. SFS’s Dust Collectors installed at the site now ensure over 99% dust capture, and the plant, therefore, requires only routine cleaning.




To meet the world’s highest norms in safety and air quality

A leading aerospace company invested in a high-end centralised Dust Collector to ensure safe handling of dust generated from machining of heavy aluminum molds. The Aluminium dust has a tendency to turn into highly flammable aluminum oxide which has a tendency to catch fire. The company, founded in US, also wanted to ensure that it meets OSHA Air Quality norms, recommended globally for indoor air quality, for a manufacturing environment.


To prevent choking of AC filters from fine machining dust

The filters of high-end HVAC system at a leading manufacturer needed frequent replacement due to fine dust setting into the ducts and HEPA filters. Considering the high costs of filters, the frequency of replacement and safety of workmen, the company invested in a dust collector from SFS, to ensure total capture.




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