Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturer in India

Span Filtration Systems (SFS) is a leading welding fume extractor manufacturer in India. The fume extraction systems, we offer the most efficient and highly effective welding fume extractor design for manual and robotic welding stations. This equipment can also work as an effective solder fume extractor, smoke extractor, and laser fume extraction system. Avail of a wide range of welding fume extractors, from standalone filtration systems to a comprehensive solution for entire shop-floor.

The need for a fume extraction system:

Welding fumes take a toll on workers’ health slowly and quietly. In the long run, they also damage other production machinery on the floor. The ill effects of welding fumes include:

  • Fumes adversely impact the production and long term exposure leads to serious health hazards
  • Increased maintenance costs due to damage to machines and tools from welding/cutting fumes
  • Fumes are a known cause of negatively affecting end product finish and quality
  • Residual welding fumes are equally dangerous for both humans as well as Robotic welding arms
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    Welding Fumes


    From design, component selection to operational parameters, energy efficiency is awarded the highest priority at each step


    Smaller footprint and mobility means the welding fume extractor can be easily moved at the desired location


    Higher filtration area allows efficient and effective cleaning of fumes


    Low maintenance fume extraction system with cartridge type filter


    Flexible suction arm provides freedom of adjusting the suction point at any convenient position


    Auto cleaning with compressed air reverse pulse jet arrangement


    Welding fume extraction systems: the most effective way to extract fumes.

    A welding fume extractor sucks the welding fumes at source using a suction mechanism at the end of its arm. Welding fumes and dust is pulled into the extractor by a fan using negative draft. The hazardous particles are then pushed into a filtration system inside the welding fumes extractor. The filtration system is capable of separating fumes and dust. Spark arresters help the fume extractor absorb any of the sparks generated during the welding process. The dust is collected in a tray which should be emptied regularly. Welding fume extractor typically has two variants-mobile fume extractor and stationary. SFS provides some of the best options in India for both these variants.

    Our team conducts an in-depth study of your processes and shop-floor layout to a fume extractor system that is customized to your needs. All the layouts are designed and mapped in CAD after careful deliberations for flexibility in terms of any future changes, while retaining the best performance of the welding fume extractor unit.


    Leading Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturers in India

    SFS has been providing air filtration solutions to diverse sectors of the industry for over two decades. With more than 1000 installations in various locations, the company has emerged as a market leader in air filtration systems. The company is known for in-depth analysis and application engineering which brings exceptional results in industrial air-quality. Rely on dependable advise from SFS and end-to-end support to meet all your needs in industrial smoke extraction system for welding, metal fabrication and cutting processes.

    Model CFM/CMH
    DC 600C MB 600/1000 900 650 1420
    DC 800C MB 800/1350 900 800 1480


    SFS Mobile fume extractor

    SFS’s mobile fume extractor is designed to meet the highest norms of quality and offer a long service life. Its flexible suction arm can rotated in 360 degrees. The welder can choose the perfect adjustment of the arm to keep his immediate environment free from welding fumes. Wheels attached to the mobile fume extractor make it extremely portable.

    Solder fume extractor

    The prevalence of soldering fumes is a serious issue faced on the production floor. Soldering fumes and smoke can cause irritation of eyes, sore throat, skin acne, and in extreme cases, occupational asthma. Constant exposure to fumes and odour in the workspace also affect the morale of employees and lowers their productivity. Deployment of an efficient solder fume extractor is therefor the need of the hour.

    Fume extraction systems

    fume extractor system pulls fumes into a filtration system, cleaning the air of harmful chemicals and particulates. SFS fume extractors are capable of filtering the soldering fumes whose size can vary between 0.3 to 1 micron. Both SFS’ mobile and stationary fume extraction systems are capable of functioning as soldering fume extractor machines.

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      Welding Fumes
      Corporate Brochure-Span Filtration


      Delivering More Effective, Efficient and Safer Filtration for Welding Fumes
      Bentler's workshop has a number of robotic welding stations for various processes. SFS conducted a detail study of the existing set-up its challenges and filtration expectations to deliver a unique, high capacity, centralised fume extractor. The solution was a paradigm shift for Bentler in fume filtration, which previously used the heavy maintenance ESPs. Lower maintenance, lesser hassles and consistent filtration for critical robotic station were some of the key benefits.
      Filtering welding fumes, with automation
      SFS has been associated with AAM since the company established its plant in India. The plant housed robotic welding stations. AAM's team required a highly effective filtration solution for a cluster that included both, robotic and manual welding stations. SFS studied the process and devised a solution with automated hoods that could capture the fumes at the point of generation.
      The automated movement of hoods, triggered by sensors, ensured that the fumes from robotic and manual welding stations was captured effectively. The fumes was filtered, centrally, by SFS's proven welding fume extractors. The result was a safe, automated and highly effective fume filtration for AAM.