Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

SFS is a manufacturer and supplier of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) for effective filtration of smoke generated from manufacturing processes

‘purasmoke’ –from SFS is a range of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) for filtration of smoke and fumes that can serve your specific needs and meet the operational budgets. Smoke filtration is critical not just to worker’s health and safety, but even for smooth and efficient operation of the machining centres. The ESPs can be used as standalone filtration systems or centralised units for filtration from multiple stations. SFS’s years of expertise in filtration for neat oil machining and filtration of smoke and fumes generated during gear cutting, soldering fumes and other such manufacturing processes ensures that you always have a solution with superior performance that fits all your needs. Going beyond our role as ESP manufacturer and supplier, we offer reliable post-sales service and advise to obtain performance that delivers air quality on the shopfloor that exceeds your expectations.

Electrostatic precipitator (ESPs) Applications

Smoke Extraction System Benefits

ESP Reclaim expensive coolants clipart SFS


expensive coolants

ESP Increase machine speeds without pollution clipart SFS


machine speeds without pollution

ESP Cut cleaning bills clipart


cleaning bills

ESP Decrease electrical maintenance clipart


electrical maintenance

ESP Easy mounting and installation clipart


mounting and installation

ESP Optimized energy consumption clipart SFS


energy consumption

ESP Highest safety assured clipart


safety assure

ESP Smaller footprint clipart



ESP Easy maintenance clipart SFS



Electrostatic Precipitator Key Features

Smoke Extraction Systems - ESPs

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