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Span Filtration Systems (SFS) is a market leader in industrial air filtration in India. For over two decades, SFS has been spearheading improved clean air benchmarks in multiple industries. Our solutions are recognised for high quality, technical superiority and best performance.

SFS offers unique career opportunities

  • Work with a diverse range of companies – Small and Medium Businesses, large enterprises and MNCs
  • Gain exposure to multiple industries
  • Solve core engineering problems
  • Interact with people from shop floor to the top floor
Solutions from SFS are installed in over 75 industrial clusters in India – providing an unparalleled range of references and reputation. With the second generation now leading the business, SFS is growing fast in domestic as well as export markets. At SFS you will be working with some of the brightest minds in industrial air filtration with ample avenues to develop deep expertise in a field of your choice.

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For the right talent, SFS offers best remuneration and growth that would exceed the individual’s aspirations.

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