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Advanced Application Engineering

Every application and its working environment is unique. SFS has highly evolved methodology that captures all aspects of your industrial processes and maps every detail required to create a high performance filtration solution. Our advanced application engineering provides a performance guarantee like none other and assured benefits that are sustained year after year .

Benchmark In Clean Air

Everything at SFS - from on-site analysis, design of filter systems, manufacturing to training, installation and commissioning, is done with a relentless focus on ensuring only the highest performance. The result is often experienced as an immediate, drastic change in air quality of your working environment with better health and higher productivity of employees

Benchmark In Clean Air SFS


Clean air has several economic benefits. While dust, mist or smoke are unavoidable outcomes of manufacturing processes, the irreversible damage these pollutants cause to your equipment and work environment can be avoided. By returning the clean air to your work environment the Air filtration solutions from SFS help you to en-cash the benefits in many ways:

Highest Return on Investment

Lowest life cycle costs

Highest RoI
SFS Cost effective

Comprehensive range of industrial air filtration solutions for dust, mist, fume and smoke


vayu –
Mist Collector

vayu - Laser
Fume Filtration

Precipitator (ESP)

Welding Fume

Cleaning Cabinet

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