Join the movement to protect lives and environment of Indian industry!

Do you have talent to solve problems with engineering design? Then join us to design solutions that protect the lives and environment in industrial facilities around India!

SFS designs powerful air filtration solutions that address a wide range of air pollutants in industrial activity. We address a wide range of pollutants for diverse applications and workspaces. Constantly changing nature and volume of industrial production processes means air filtration systems must continuously evolve to address an ever evolving threat of industrial air pollution. SFS has developed a state-of-the art application center manned by dedicated teams for R&D and product development.

Comprising of both young as well as experienced people, the team at SFS brings a fine mix of fresh ideas and practiced wisdom to the table. With us, you gain an opportunity to test your ideas on the ground, and improve your skills with resources and support from the company.

Join us to be part of a culture that live and breathes innovation!

With over two decades of experience, SFS is also supported by a nationwide network of sales and support staff serving businesses around India and abroad.

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