Industrial Dust Collector Manufacturer

SFS is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of energy efficient industrial dust collectors for dusts generated from manufacturing process such as buffing/grinding/polishing dust to machining dust and many more

puradust – the industrial dust collector and filtration systems from SFS enable effective filtration by capturing the dust generated at source from single or multiple workstations or machining centres. SFS also provides centralised dust collection systems for different applications on your shop floor.

An industrial dust collector captures the pollutants such as particulate matter, metal dust, buffing or grinding dust, polishing dust, superfinishing dust, rubber and various other types of dry dusts generated in the manufacturing processes. The dust collectors filter out the dust and release the clean air back into the shop floor or environment.




Respiratory problems


Accident risks


Valuable products


Productivity & equipment life

Low maintenance

With inline filter cleaning

Get reliable

Aand complete filtration


Power usage

Designed for

Optimal use of space

Effective dust

capture with sturdy hoods

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