5 Symptoms of need to budget for clean air in FY19

It’s April again, and everyone is finalising their department budgets for the FY19. From the experience of over two decades in industrial air filtration, SFS’s expert team has identified 5 symptoms that indicate the need of budgeting for new or additional industrial air filters.

Lower productivity due to dust, mist or smoke from the process

A large foundry which recently installed a centralised Dust Collector from SFS. Earlier, it had to keep the production idle for 30 minutes in every shift to clean the excess dust from the floor and machines. Industrial air filters can be a small cost to increase productivity.




Adverse impact on product quality due to in-process pollutants

A leading bearing manufacturer noticed tolerance levels hitting close to the limits for components manufactured on its critical machines. The installation of oil mist filters from Filtermist solved the problem from the very first job manufactured on the same machine.




Rising, absenteeism and health complaints among workforce

Managing large production workforce is one of the most challenging tasks in any manufacturing. Absenteeism, health issues of the workforce add to unforeseen challenges for Managers. Check if you are having an unusually high level of absenteeism or pattern of same health issues across the workers. It’s the first signs of things going wrong.



Increase in cleaning costs

Frequent cleaning necessitated by dust, mist or fumes on the shopfloor are a huge direct cost in reality. Compare the time spent by your workers and cleaning staff to tidy up the workplace to weigh-in the option of an industrial air filter. SFS’s filters help to capture the dust, mist, fume or smoke in the process at its source, thereby significantly reducing the need for cleaning.



Higher than normal levels of electrical maintenance for equipment

The next time you blame a machine for higher maintenance, check if its the pollutant that should get the blame. The hidden costs of not filtering dust, mist, fume and smoke are far more than what you think. Plus, these add to the risk of malfunctioning of sensitive electronic equipment, especially in automated plants. Abrasive dust, heavy mist deposition are two main culprits in increasing your electrical maintenance.

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