Plastic buffing dust filter brings savings in maintenance

A Pune-based leading supplier of key plastic moulded components for vehicle such as dashboards, and other interior and exterior parts was battling buffing dust issue on a large scale. The buffing shop required constant cleaning and was adding to the maintenance costs and hassles.


The plant is one of the largest facility to manufacture speciality plastic parts for Cars and HCVs and the polishing of moulded components for a better finish was a key finishing process. Plastic dust with traces of cotton wheel was the main issue in the buffing shop was a challenge for the company on two fronts: costs and reputation.

Being a company of international repute, the company followed high standards of hygiene at the workplace. The buffing shop did not meet these standards and therefore was a key concern for the EHS and management team. The presence of buffing dust required a frequent cleaning of the facility and equipment and thus increased maintenance costs and hassle. The company sought a one-time investment in a solution to plug all the issues related to buffing dust.


While resloving the buffing dust issue, the solution also had to be cost effective. Plastic parts were typically large in size and buffing was  performed at multiple points on the part. In order to tackle the challenge effectively, SFS suggested the use of a down draft table for maximum confinement of the spreading dust. After the solution was implemented, drastic changes would be observed in individual workstations.


SFS invested in extensive trials and training to ensure that its Dust Collector would work effectively to filter the plastic buffing dust. Trials were conducted at SFS solution centre using the actual samples provided by the client. This helped to arrive at the exact configuration of the Dust Collector for characteristics of the plastic dust and thereby confirm its effectiveness.

SFS’s team conducted Operator Training during installation which further helped to facilitate smooth functioning and clean workplace.

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