Air Filtration Solution for R&D in Glass Manufacturing

One of the world’s largest automotive glass manufacturer required air filtration solution for a range of processes including abrasive cutting and dry grinding.

Challenge and Solution

Handling multiple types of Dusts with a single system

Six grinding and cutting machines were to process different types of abrasive material. Since the type of material directly impacts the suction speed of Dust Collector, SFS studied all the materials to be processed on each machine. The solution was designed to ensure sufficient suction and effective filtration for the heaviest material to be processed.

Power Saving through Split Unit

The R&D facility and the Dust Collector were based on separate floors. Maintaining constant suction for the vertical height is highly challenging and leads to sedimentation of the dust on the duct. SFS developed an innovative solution where the Dust Collector unit was split. The filtration unit and blower were located on separate floor. This meant only clean air had to be carried to the top floor. The exhaust diameter of air pipe was kept relatively large to maintain lower conveying speed. This ensured lower motor static pressure and thus helped to reduce the power consumption.

Ensure adequate suction for varying combination of machines

Next challenge was to ensure Machine specific suction capacity for the centralised Dust Collector. SFS built the logic and developed a system consisting PLC, control panel and VFD, so that the workers can adjust the suction speed based on the machines that were going to work simultaneously. This reduced power consumption significantly and provided sufficient suction force.



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