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Industrial Dust and Mist Collector, Fume and Smoke Extractor for Electric Vehicle Motor Manufacturing

Ensuring precision motor manufacturing without pollutants and contaminants

Dust, Mist, Smoke and Fume extractors prevent exposure to harmful substances such as fine dust, coolant mist, oil smoke, and welding fume etc. which are commonly produced during machining and assembly processes. By maintaining clean air, they protect worker health, improve overall air quality, and comply with stringent environmental and occupational safety standards. Additionally, effective extraction systems enhance the longevity and reliability of sensitive copper windings in EV motors by reducing contamination risks, thereby contributing to higher quality and more efficient production outcomes.

Filters in Manufacturing of Motors for Electric Vehicles

Motor manufacturing process and role of filters

Machining and Drilling

SFS's puradust helps capture metal shavings, fine dust, and particulates generated during machining and drilling operations, ensuring a clean and safe work environment. Vayu mist collectors help remove coolant mist and oil aerosols produced during machining, preventing respiratory hazards and maintaining air quality.

Grinding and Polishin

Puradust - Dust Collector help filter grinding and polishing, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and preventing contamination of sensitive equipment and components.

Laser Welding and Soldering

SFS's Vayu-L laser fume extractors efficiently remove harmful fumes and particulate matter generated during welding and soldering, protecting workers from exposure to polluted air and maintaining compliance with health regulations.

Coil Winding and Insulation

Vayu - Mist Collectors capture mist and smoke used in coil winding processes, ensuring a clean environment and protecting workers' health.

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