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Tube Mills

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Your trusted provider of industrial air filtration solutions for tube mill manufacturing. Our advanced systems effectively capture and remove particles and contaminants, ensuring a clean and safe working environment. With customized solutions for each manufacturing stage, we optimize efficiency, protect equipment, and enhance production quality. Partner with us today to experience improved productivity, cost savings, and peace of mind knowing that your air filtration needs are in expert hands.

Tube Mills

SFS's Purafume welding fume extractor is employed during electric arc welding to efficiently capture and remove harmful fumes and smoke, ensuring a clean and safe working environment for the welders and minimizing air pollution.
SFS's Vayu mist collector machine is utilized in the cooling stage to effectively extract and filter coolant mist generated during the process. By removing the mist, it helps maintain a clean and hazard-free atmosphere, promoting worker safety and preserving equipment longevity.
SFS's Puradust dust collector machine is employed during the cutting stage to capture and filter the dust particles generated during the cutting process. This ensures a clean and dust-free environment, preventing contamination of the surrounding area and reducing equipment maintenance requirements.
SFS's Vayu laser fume extractor machine is utilized to extract and filter the fumes produced during laser marking processes. By efficiently removing the fumes, it helps maintain a clean and healthy working environment while ensuring accurate and precise tube marking results.

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