Automatic Dust Collection for Dry Blasting Process

The Client is a Sweden based MNC and a leading manufacturer and supplier of carbide cutting tools and associated equipment. Client had recently established it’s manufacturing facility near Pune, Maharashtra and had a requirement of a Dust Collector for dry blasting process for their carbide inserts.


  • The Client was concerned about the menace created on the shop floor due to dust generation and wanted all the dust to be cleaned.
  • The dust posed severe risks to health and safety of the Operators


The client was already using a dust collector by Absolvent in Sweden plant for a similar process. And since the solution was working very efficiently and providing excellent results, the client decided to install same dust collector in Pune as well. SFS provided the first A. dust Collector for the plant in India.


Preparing the ducting layout was the first challenge, as the actual plant layout was modified by the Client due to some unavoidable compulsion. SFS’s Design team visited the plant to ensure perfect ducting for the dust collection process.

The platform and structure used for the dust collector was galvanised to enable longer life. The system was fully automated including features such as automatic VFD speed gain when filter starts choking, and an alarm system to indicate filter is choked up.


Highly effective dust collection and filtration

Fully Automatic solution

Long Lasting and Maintenance free filtration system

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