Cost-efficient filters for effective filtration of welding fumes

The Client is pioneer in automotive shock absorber and a leading manufacturer of shocks and struts in India. The company is headquartered in US and has it’s manufacturing facilities across various cities in India. The Client is associated with SFS since 1998.


  • Filtering out the fumes generated in the welding process in manufacturing of one of Client’s signature products
  • The work load on the welding line had grown significantly in recent times and this in turn meant more smoke and fumes on the shop floor
  • The additional load on the welding line meant the ESPs that were previously installed on the welding lines were running out of capacity


  • SFS’s team visited the Client’s plants to study the patterns of welding fumes and plant layout
  • The team designed a layout with multiple, stand-alone filter units serving 2-3 welding stations each


  • SFS deployed its newly developed Mobile Fume Extractors on the line
  • The Client’s maintenance team chose to opt for SFS’s AMC to ensure optimum filtration performance
  • With timely maintenance life of the filter cartridges was improved by up to 36 months


Consistent Smoke and Fume Filtration

Cost-effective Solution with lowest maintenance, utility and consumable costs

Complete Solution with multiple, application specific Filters for each process

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