Cutting out the smoke from Gear Cutting process

The Client is a world leader in manufacturing custom gears and shafts for automotive and industrial markets. The Client’s Noida facilities manufactured gears on a very large scale.


  • Severe risk to Operator health
  • Smoky factory environment
  • Request from the worker union on ensuring clean air on shop floor
  • Poor visibility posed risk to general safety


SFS’s timely responses, proactive approach in understanding the process requirements along with application engineering efforts, instilled a high level of confidence in the Client’s leadership and manufacturing teams. After a thorough study of the facilities, process and assessment of filtration needs, SFS suggested its ESPs to capture and filter the smoke from the gear cutting process.


  • Initially, the Client procured four ESPs for their gear cutting machines on test basis.
  • The performance of SFS’s ESPs created a significant positive difference in air quality, by successfully filtering almost all the smoke created in the process.
  • Operators felt the difference in air quality from the very first hour of ESPs going operational.
  • Currently, the Client’s facilities host over 80 ESPs from SFS to maintain indoor air quality well within the OSHA norms.


With every new installation, SFS’s team continued to improve the filtration quality by modifying the ESPs to suit the specific needs of the Client’s processes. A clean and healthy environment guarantee for the shop floor, has ensured a long standing relationship with the Client.

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