Dust collector manufacturers in Pune

SFS is one of the leading industrial dust collector manufacturers in Pune with two decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying a range of air filtration systems to diverse industrial sectors. Pune is the 7th largest industrial hub in India and second largest in Maharashtra after Mumbai. The city is home to Indian production units of some of the leading automakers in the world, and to major metal works and original equipment manufacturers in India. Many of the manufacturing facilities face the issue of indoor dust pollution. Availability of efficient industrial dust collection systems in Pune in short lead time, and quick service and support for these systems is key to cost-effective air filtration for the Pune-based industry.

Dust is generated continuously during industrial processes such as manufacturing, cutting, or grinding. Industrial dust collector machines are the need of the hour for factories across automotive, FMCG, and food processing sector in Pune. Dust is a major concern as it directly attacks the respiratory system of the employees causing serious health hazards over time. The dust also settles on equipment hindering its smooth functioning. This drives up maintenance costs, and increases instances of downtime. Industrial dust collector machine efficiently filters the air and prevents such ill effects, making production floors cleaner, healthier, and more productive.

Industrial dust collector manufacturers in Pune

SFS caters to air filtration needs of many of Pune’s major production facilities, including leading automakers in the world.

Being one of the foremost and experienced dust collector manufacturers in Pune, SFS products are backed by the guarantee of quick response for any post sales service and support. We offer both central machinery dust collectors as well as industrial dust collector systems for individual workstations for precise dust collection. Going beyond our role as an industrial dust collector manufacturer in Pune, we emphasize on building long term trust and deep relations with customers around India and the world.

SFS has a rich experience in providing dust collection solutions for automotive processes, composite dusts, welding smoke and many more. Our comprehensive range of highly reliable, durable and rugged dust collectors help keep firms operations clean and smooth. Systems built by the SFS dust collector manufacturers in Pune are recognized for highly effective filtration across all kinds of environments starting from heavy loads of dust to thin dust collections or product reclaims.

Features of SFS industrial dust collection system

  • Compact design

  • High energy efficiency

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Superior filtration

  • Auto cleaning capability

  • Low noise levels

Why choose SFS

Our process begins with a thorough study of the facility. We provide a complete breathing air risk analysis of the facility to pinpoint the type and amount of dust pollution in the facility. The inputs are then used to devise an air filtration strategy and choose the right industrial dust collection systems for the premises.

With its base as industrial dust collector manufacturer in Pune, SFS supplies industrial dust collector machines around India and the world. The company has a manufacturing facility spread over 7500 sq mts, with a state-of-the art application center and dedicated research team. SFS has emerged as a pioneer in innovative air filtration systems in India, and is today providing clean air solutions to firms around the world.

To avail of reliable, high-performing and cost effective dust collector systems in Pune and around India, drop us a mail at info@sfspl.co.in or call on +91 985 090 8553 | +91 703 092 1142

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