Dust Free Laser Cutting for machine tool manufacturer

The client is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of cylindrical grinders with nearly 50% market share in India. As a part of expansion of its sheet metal division, the client had procured a high-end Precision Laser cutting machine (Mazak) and was in search of a good and effective dust collector to be installed along with the machine.


  • Laser cutting of thick sheet metals generates high level of dust and smoke
  • The huge size of the Machine (Mazak) with 8-meter-long grinding table posed a challenge
  • The thickness of the sheet metal to be cut was not fixed


The process study revealed that there were chances of spark generation. SFS developed a specialised spark arrestor to ensure total safety for Machine and Operator.


  • SFS installed its well proven Dust Collector, with 0.5 micron particle filter and auto-cleaning System.
  • The Dust Collector demonstrated very high cleaning efficiency with over 98% dust extraction
  • Easy operation with auto-cleaning system
  • Training of internal maintenance team led to extended maintenance frequency


Clean Factory with dust-free environment

Maximum Up-Time and Utilisation of high-investment machines

Lesser Maintenance meant savings in costs and efforts

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