Enabling fume-free, odourless Laser Marking

The Machine Tools division at India’s leading automotive company develops and manufactures Laser Marking machines. The Laser Marking machines are provided to key vendors to markup the codes on parts they supply.


Laser marking fumes, with its odor make it extremely difficult for the operators to work on the laser making machines. The company had approached several industrial air filtration manufacturers to solve their problem. However, none of the solutions they tried proved to be effective in reducing the odor.


Upon studying the process SFS suggested install a smoke extractor with active carbon filter at the point of exhaust. This would filter the fumes and also help to reduce the odor, significantly. The effectiveness of activated carbon filter, is highly dependent on the grade of carbon granules used in the filter. Since sourcing standard carbon filters allows lesser control over filtration effectiveness, SFS makes the carbon granules in-house and by using the highest grade of carbon available to guarantee removal of odor.


The media based filtration system was synchronized with the Laser marking machine to ensure seamless operations.

Further, SFS developed a specialized hood and suggested some minor modification in the standard Laser marking machine, in order to improve the filtration effectiveness.


Today, SFS’s solution is fully integrated with the client’s machine and is successfully working with several of its vendors.

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