Economical filtration for hazardous soldering fume

The Client is a well known brand in development and manufacturing of electric and electronic components for various automotive companies. The Client’s plant included multiple soldering stations arranged as clusters. Soldering, a key manufacturing process at the plant, generated fume that adversely affected the health as well as efficiency of the workmen.


  • The plant was already using a few filters from one of SFS’s competitors. These filters from the competitor choked frequently and therefore had to be replaced leading to loss of time and money. The plant maintenance teams were looking to replace these existing filtration systems with a better, effective and long-lasting solution.
  • The Client required consistent filtration performance with minimal consumables from the filtration system.
  • Given their past experience, the plant maintenance team was critical of maintenance costs, especially in filter replacement & time required for maintenance.


Some of the soldering processes needed porous filtration. SFS provided the Client with wire mesh filters, that were primarily used as an exhaust. These filters were essential to protect the exhaust fans from soldering splatter and flux generated during the process. This was necessary as fans may get imbalanced. Stainless steel demisters were also used to protect the fans. The steel used in the demisters was washable and therefore a non-consumable item saving costs for the company.


SFS designed and installed vertical ESPs (SF 45V) at the Client’s plant. Each ESP unit was built to cater to 10-12 soldering stations. The catalogue ESP model was modified and designed considering the special requirements of the process and work environment. The ESPs seamlessly handled high air flow and led to low contamination.


Superior, consistent filtration performance for critical processes

Filtration solution with lowest maintenance and consumable costs

SFS provided multiple, application specific solutions for all process needs

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