Fume Extractors for Injection moulding

Fumes have immediate effects on health like irritation to the eyes, nose and lungs. In some cases, these effects can be severe, long-term and irreversible. Client had installed Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) to clear fumes but performance of this filter was disappointing and within 2-3 months they had to search for new filtration system.


  • Poor air quality due to fumes posed a threat to employee health as fumes affect respiratory system
  • Fumes resulted into a smoggy environment on shop floor affecting visibility


The team from SFS studied the ESP used by the Client and suggested to switch to the mobile fume extractor. The Client’ s team was hesitant and sceptical to invest in a new solution immediately, especially given the failure of their existing system. Sensing the Client’s need for a reliable and full-proof filtration system SFS’s team offered a trial of its Mobile Fume Extractor on one of the injection moulding machines in the production line.


The Mobile Fume Extractor from SFS is a centralized solution to create a safer environment on the shop floor by eliminating fumes. The Client’s team observed the performance of SFS’s solution and noticed improvements in the air quality to complete satisfaction. SFS designed a centralised fume extractor with ducting facility. A single system could be installed on the production line consisting of six machines to filter the fumes from injection moulding machine.


Total elimination of injection moulding fumes

Achieved air quality as per global norms

No smog and better visibility on shop floor

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