Making Gear Manufacturing Cleaner and Safer with SFS Advanced Filtration Solutions.

Maintaining productive work environment in gear manufacturing is not an easy task. At Span Filtration Systems, we know the unique challenges faced by gear manufacturers. Our industrial filtration solutions deliver clean air at workplace and efficiency at every step in gear manufacturing.

Spotting the challenges – Dust, Mist, Smoke, Fume Filtration in gear manufacturing

From bar cutting to billet heating and hot forging, each stage presents its own set of obstacles. Identifying these challenges is the first step toward achieving a cleaner and more efficient gear manufacturing process.

SFS offers advanced range of industrial filters and machines designed to address specific challenges at various stages of gear manufacturing.

  • Vayu mist collectors are engineered to effectively remove oil mist and coolant fumes generated during bar cutting, ensuring a safer and cleaner workplace for your operators.
  • For the filtration of smoke during billet heating, our ESP purasmoke system is the solution, capturing and eliminating smoke to create a healthier environment while maintaining high-quality production standards.
  • puradust dust collector efficiently handles the dust generated during machining, and grinding contributing to a dust-free and clean working environment.

Partner with SFS for all your filtration needs in gear manufacturing

SFS has proven filtration solutions for all critical processes in gear manufacturing including:
  • Billet Heating
  • Hot Forging
  • Bar Cutting
  • Rough Machining
  • Gear Cutting
  • Profile Grinding
  • Heat Treatment
  • Washing
  • Shot Blasting
  • Laser Marking
  • Anti Rust Spraying


India’s leading Gear manufacturers, exporters and OEMs trust SFS dust, mist, smoke and fume filters for their gear manufacturing processes.
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At SFS, we are committed to unleashing the potential of clean and efficient gear manufacturing.
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