Highest Flexibility in Dust Filtration

The Client, a JV to manufacture high capacity Power Turbines, was looking for a specialised air filtration solution. The turbine blades move in rotary motion and need to have precise weight and size. Even the slightest accumulation of dust may lead to change in weight of the blade and affect the performance adversely, leading to breakdown in extreme cases.


The relatively new production capacity was scheduled to go operational phase-wise over a period of 18-24 months. The solution had to cater to this gradual increase in production capacity, from the 1-2 machines initially to 7-8 machines at full capacity, to keep the power consumption at the lowest possible level.


Given the plant layout, production capacity and critical nature of the process, SFS suggested a centralized dust collection system. While this was an economical option for the long term, the manufacturing team members were not sure if all of their machines would be working all the time in the short-term. The team was mostly concerned about the cost of excess power consumption for the Centralised Dust Collectors, if implemented.



SFS developed a unique, VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) based Centralized Dust Collector system. A VFD converter was installed with a switch at every machine allowed the operator to step-up the capacity of the Centralized Dust collector. As the operator started the machine, he/she would also put on the switch for dust collector. Motorised actuators (dampers), provided at each of the machines would open or close the machine as per the switch condition.

The suction for the centralized dust collectors was calibrated based on the number of switches open at a time on the machines. The suction would always work at its optimum configured capacity, perfectly in synchronization to the number of operational machines, automatically reaching 100% as all the machines got operational.


Huge Power Savings as the Centralized Dust Collectors operated as a single, dedicated unit when just a single machine was operational, adding the capacity as per the machines in operation.


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