Cost-efficient Oil Mist Collector (CNC) – India’s largest car manufacturer shifts to vayu

When SFS launched its new range of vayu – media-based oil mist collectors, clients were very curious.
They wanted to know about vayu’s advantages over centrifugal mist collectors.

While existing centrifugal mist collectors were considered to be working ok, there were concerns about maintenance, consumable costs and energy consumption. The client used imported machines whose mounting arrangement were already modified to suit the said centrifugal filters.

It was a lot to change, so SFS decided to prove the benefits.

And if it’s going to benefit the client, SFS never hesitates to take up the challenge!

SFS has been closely working with the client for over two decades now. SFS decided to test and prove how vayu outperformed the existing centrifugal mist collectors systems installed at the client’s machine shop.

Benefits of mist collector

  • The benefits of the new vayu mist collector from SFS in terms of better safety, ease of maintenance, lower energy consumptions were presented to the client’s team
  • Two pilot mist collector units were installed. SFS’s installation team developed a stand which made it easy to fit the mist collector on existing provision made on the machine for centrifugal filters .
  • The voltage specifications for the imported machines were met by configuration of the vayu mist collectors

Filter-clog indicator in mist collector further saves time

In further development, a filter clog indicator was added to the vayu mist collector. This saved a lot of time for the maintenance teams, as redundant cleaning could be easily avoided. Early this year, the client placed an order for vayu to be installed for over 100 new machines it was purchasing for its new factory.

Feedback after two months…. vayu media based mist collector Vs centrifugal mist collectors

  • Reduced energy consumption from 2.2 kw to 1.75 Kw was observed
  • The maintenance teams gave a big thumbs up for safe and easy operation, cleaning of mist collector filters and other maintenance tasks
  • The overall time to maintain and frequency of maintenance for vayu was observed to be lower than that of centrifugal mist collectors

vayu media based mist collector emerged as a clear winner.

The client placed orders for vayu for its new lot of 30+ imported machines.

SFS supported the clients’ teams in proper location of mist collector filter, developing stands and accessories near machines, training the operators, and regularly checking on for any difficulties. SFS’s support and proactive approach was also appreciated by the client.

Given the unique benefits of vayu media based mist collectors there was not stopping.

SFS has developed and delivered a better, safer and more effective mist collector filtration solution to the client.

Get in touch with us at to learn how vayu – mist collectors can bring the same benefits to your facility.

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