The most trusted Mist collector manufacturers in India put to test at India’s largest tube mills

The tube mill plant, recently acquired by one of the world’s largest steelmakers, was tasked to meet the global ESH norms. The existing facility was observed to be full of smoke. Better working environment was a priority for the new company and SFS was invited to provide a solution.

Choosing the right mist collector machine – Scientific audit and identifying challenges is the first step

An expert team from SFS conducted an air quality audit of the facility. The challenges that could be encountered while implementation of mist collector machine were also identified. SFS provided complete analysis including cost-economics, life-cycle costs and how the filtration would guarantee that the ESH norms would be comfortably met and maintained.

Based on the observations, it was decided that a pilot installation of SFS’s vayu – centralised mist collector be done at one of the units in the plant.

Process challenges

  • The manufacturing process involved insertion of steel strips from one end of the line. The strips  were converted into a round circle on the mill, and welded using high-frequency welding for seamless pipes without any marks.
  • The process generated very high levels of heat and the strips were cooled using coolants. This lead to heavy and rapid smoke generation in the unit.
  • Point of smoke generation is at waist level of the workers. This meant high inhalation of smoke by the workers. Further, continuous nature of the process lead to constant and long-term exposure to of workers to the smoke.

Why SFS is the most trusted Mist collector manufacturers in India?

A schematic installation plan was developed specific to the site’s requirements. Main welding zone, cutting zone and washing zone each had a separate set-up design for effective filtration and ease of maintenance.

In one of the plants, where it was not possible to release the cleaned air outside the plant, absolute filtration was provided with HEPA filters.


Benefits of mist collector to the client

  • Installation of vayu mist collector had to be such that it does not hamper the work and process, yet be effective to create better working environment
  • vayu mist collector was installed in such a way that it does hot hamper any process or line change, machine maintenance. The defined mist filtration levels were of PM 2.5 were achieved at all plants.
  • Repetitive cleaning of mist filters was not possible given the continuous process. Special mist filters that could withstand longer intervals between servicing, cleaning or maintenance were used.
  • Proper mist collector filter selection, air flow to filter area ratios were calculated which resulted in almost zero maintenance for the previous two years
  • The filter clog indicators in vayu mist collector made it very easy for the maintenance to monitor and perform timely cleaning of filters. The easy-to-wash filters could be cleaned and put back to use when required.

After looking at the success of the project, order was placed for 14 such lines across all tube mills operated by the company in India.

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