Risk Analysis of Breathing Air – Pandemic and Beyond

Your respiratory system is under attack every day!

COVID-19 has only brought the risk into sharper focus.

From social distancing to work from home, factories are doing everything they can to to fight the spread of COVID-19 at workplace. The virus is lurking in the breathing air of your indoor production floor.

COVID-19 is the No. 1 enemy of your respiratory system, but while you brace to fight against it,  unseen air pollutants have been already damaging your lungs slowly and quietly.

The daily machining process at your factory is generating oil mist and smoke. 

Welding produces dangerous fumes.

Metalworks are creating coarse metal dust.

The size of these pollutants is as small as a virus, and your employees have been unguarded against them for a long time.

Here’s a comparison between the effects of Virus and the invisible pollutants on the shop floor.

Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards

You may be insisting on wearing a mask only during the soldering process is not enough. Your protection measures have to go beyond that.

Over 80 % of the particles in shop floor processes are airborne particulate contents that are smaller than 10μm! 

What makes the threat even more dangerous is that they could remain airborne several days as identified by various research studies!

Pollutants are a slow poison that is working to increase the risk of pandemic!

Breathing air quality at workplace is extremely important. And in pandemic situation, it needs an even closer scrutiny.

A detailed risk analysis of breathing air at workplace is a must to gauge the exact nature and extent of the threat you face.

Different applications generate pollution in different ways. Specifically designed air-filtration mechanisms are required to combat application-specific pollution. Conducting a breathing-air risk analysis of your shop floor will help you deploy the most suitable filtration system.

Span Filtration Systems can help you accurately measure air pollution and ensure clean air.

Our advanced air pollution monitoring kit helps you to accurately measure pollution in any location.

You can avail expert advice and support from our team on the right strategy and tools to return clean air to your workplace.

Alongside measures such as social distancing, working from home, and better personal hygiene, breathing air risk analysis and returning clean air to your workplace is the most responsible action for better protection against pandemic and beyond.

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