SFS broadens filtration solutions offerings for the food industry

SFS has been leading the way in industrial air filtration solutions. However, not many would know that SFS has also been catering to the food industry for over a decade now.

While our solutions were well recognized for industrial applications, the food industry too had many takers from the beginning. Now, with greater automation in food processing, the requirements for our filters, especially for mist, smoke and fine dust filtration along with laser marking is also growing. In line with this growing demand, we are now ready to cater to the specific needs of the food industry.

Industrial air filters play a vital role in maintaining air quality and hygiene standards in the food industry. From production facilities to packaging areas, SFS filters are deployed in various applications to ensure the safety and quality of food products. Here is an overview of the key applications of industrial air filters in the food industry:

  1. Dust, mist and smoke filtration in Production Areas: Industrial air filters are extensively used in production areas where food processing operations take place. These filters help eliminate contaminants, including dust, airborne particles, and mist and smoke, from the source preventing their spread in ambient air. By ensuring clean air, they prevent cross-contamination and maintain high levels of hygiene during food processing stages such as mixing, grinding, cutting, and cooking.
  2. Laser fume extraction on packaging and filling lines: Food packaging and filling lines must maintain clean air to avoid product contamination. Laser marking systems are commonly used on packaging lines to print the batch numbers, price and other details. Printing with high speed laser marking systems leads to fume and foul odour. The fume and smoke from laser marking can lead to poor quality of print, and in worst cases damage to the laser marking equipment itself due to deposition of soot on sensitive electronics. Laser marking fume extractors from SFS help to maintain clean air around these machines, and contribute to the overall quality, safety, and aesthetics of packaged food products..
  3. Odor Control: Industrial air filters with activated carbon media are utilized for odor control in the food industry. They effectively absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors that can arise during food processing, storage, or waste management. These filters are particularly useful in facilities where strong odors are generated, such as those involved in facilities with deep frying, spraying, high temperature cooking or processing food which could lead to foul smell such as sea food and meat.

In a recent project, ‘purasmoke’ ESPs from SFS have been accepted for controlling the inadvertent smoke generated on an automated production line when it’s presented without the products to be processed.

From production areas to packaging machines, dust collectors, mist collectors, fume and smoke extractors from SFS contribute to the overall safety, quality, and integrity of food products.


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