Unlocking clean air for India’s leading lock maker!

The Client, one of India’s fastest growing Lock Manufacturers, had no particular air filtration provision for various machines on the shop floor. As Client’s brand gained popularity, the flow of visitors and prospective customers at the plant witnessed a spurt. The deteriorated quality of air on the shop floor was spotted as a concern by many of these visitors. The lack of proper filtration system also adversely affected the operators’ safety and efficiency.


  • Client’s products involved machining of stainless steel, generating harmful – hard material dust in the surrounding air.
  • This dust accumulated on the machines created scratches on the very parts that were being Manufactured
  • Even the end products were being affected due to the hard material dust (Scratches, marks etc.)
  • The managers at the Plant were not aware of an appropriate solution and found it difficult to resolve the problem on their own


SFS’s expert team conducted a detail study of the whole set-up for design and installation of the filtration system and effective capture of dust. This was presented to Client’s Management team which immediately placed an order of 2 systems covering 6 to 8 machines at their Pune plant.


The dust can be very difficult to collect from multiple points once it spreads over the shop floor

SFS’s dust collectors came with auto-cleaning systems and were designed to ensure the capture of dust at the point of generation


Quick installation of dust collectors on multiple machines

Highly effective dust collection with dust capture at the point of generation

Clean and healthy working environment for the operators and plant managers

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