Best returns on investments, with best filtration results.

Ensuring the best air quality in your work environment is a top priority for every responsible industry. However, getting the best returns on investments in air filtration solutions can be elusive for most companies.
How Companies earn best ROI for air filtration equipment!
Here, we share our observations on how companies have ensured the best returns on their investments in air filtration.

Plan. Plan. Plan. Ahead.
Yes. The best companies plan their air filtration needs in advance, often hand-in-hand with the project needs. So, for instance, we work with a leading auto-component manufacturer who makes provisions in machine layout to place the mist filters with purchase of every new machine
This reduces rework, saves time and ensures clean air from day one. Our analysis suggests that companies that plan for their air filtration solutions along with equipment purchase tend to save up to 30% in capital costs.

Choose for results. Not upfront costs.
Industrial Air filtration equipment fit into ‘nice-to-have’ and not always in ‘must-have’ category. Clearly, the pressure to cut costs is highest. In absence of a definite performance benchmark to measure air filtration equipment’s performance, the one with lowest upfront costs are preferred.
However, with sub-optimal filtration performance, companies have no option but to live with these equipment, in turn taking a toll on productivity and adding-on to other costs.
Our experience suggests that the best companies make their investments based on assurance of results, rather than just the upfront cost of the equipment.

Best maintenance means best returns.
Air filtration equipment are practically breathing in and out the polluted air in your work environment. We have often seen that companies that perform routine maintenance earn significant power savings, up to 50% longer filter and equipment life.
Further, these companies ensure cost-effectiveness of any spares and service that is critical to equipment’s performance, beforehand.

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