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14 Jul 2017

3 reasons why Oil Mist in your factory needs to be filtered

Oil mist is an unavoidable outcome in the metal working industry which uses fluids to cool and lubricate the tools for longer life. Healthy workers = Healthy Productivity Oil mist generated in the metal working processes is toxic. The workers, breathing this oil mist, are prone to a range of health hazards including breathing difficulties, […]

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29 Jun 2017

Best returns on investments, with best filtration results.

Ensuring the best air quality in your work environment is a top priority for every responsible industry. However, getting the best returns on investments in air filtration solutions can be elusive for most companies. How Companies earn best ROI for air filtration equipment! Here, we share our observations on how companies have ensured the best […]

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17 Aug 2016

SFS Marks Presence at ACME 2016 in Chennai

SFS is a market leader in industrial air filtration systems in India. Chennai is an important market for SFS with several leading companies as its customers. Participation in ACME 2016 was aimed at further strengthening the connect with especially the local base of customers.

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